Our unique valuation process

Valuating properties is a tricky business. You obviously have to start the exercise with the house; the size, building material, dimensions, no of rooms and bathrooms, and the landed area provides you with a base value of a property. Then we move on to the neighbourhood, specifically, the location, road system, amenities (such as schools, hospitals, playing fields, etc.), and other major practical landmarks.



Next, valuation takes into consideration historical sales price, current sales price and market condition. Using these data, as well as a bunch of others, a valuation model can be created. Small wonder then that people sometimes pay good money for surveyors to value their property.


How we do it


At our firm, we have a panel of experienced and highly qualified real estate agents who can provide us with such datasets down to county along with their own valuation. Our staff then conduct their own analysis before finally arriving at valuation of your home. What this means is, our valuation will be fair and reasonable by any standard. It is not uncommon for real estate companies to suddenly up their offer price after learning of ours – we have a reputation for honesty.


In addition, unlike many other quick buying companies in the country, when we buy any house, we don’t impose any deductions on our offer. Our valuation is absolutely free of charge and we absorb the cost of any external consultants. After all, it wouldn’t be fair to charge our customers for something that we are meant to provide.


What happens after valuation?


Once we have arrived at a valuation, we will inform you of the price by telephone. The call is usually made within one working day of being contacted by you. Yes, we work fast, because we understand that time is of the essence for our client. If we receive a verbal agreement for the price (which is usually the case) from you, we will then submit the offer in writing. The offer will be mailed the following business day. 


Once you have received the written offer, send us back a signed copy and we will immediately commence with the nitty gritty of the sales process. This should take just another couple of days. All in, the entire process will take less than a week, and it will conclude with you receiving some cold hard cash in your bank account.


So don’t wait any longer. Contact us today.