Reasons why you want to sell your house quickly

Our firm fulfils a very specific niche in the property sector - we buy your house extremely quick. How quick, you say? Within seven days. This service is tailored for homeowners who want to sell their homes fast. As we all know, conventional house sales can take months to conclude. But who are the customers who wish to sell their homes so quickly?



1. Customers facing the threat of repossession


Repossession is a very serious matter. Families can become homeless overnight due to house repossession. What’s worse, repossession will destroy your credit rating which will prevent you for obtaining any home financing in the near future. Matters become worse if there is a negative equity after the bank auctions off your house – you will still be liable for the remaining amount of the mortgage even after you’ve lost the house. And that’s not all. Banks can file a fresh claim for the remaining sum which could eventually lead to bankruptcy. And since bankruptcies stay in the credit file for at least six years, you won’t be able to buy another home for a decade.


So instead of facing this nightmare scenario, homeowners can simply sell their house to us and get paid in seven days. They can then use the money to pay their mortgage and still have some leftover cash for a new rental house.


2. Divorces


As everyone knows, things can get pretty toxic during divorce proceedings. At times, love has been completely replaced by hate and couples can’t wait to see the back of each other. However, the division of matrimonial assets can take quite a while, and former couples still have to see one another on a fairly frequent basis. It’s particularly worse when it comes to houses, since the process can take many months to conclude. So some couples chose the convenient way out – they sell their property to quick buyers like us for cash prices. And they can be out of each other’s life in just a week.


3. Relocation


Sometimes, you get a job offer that you simply can’t refuse. The problem is, the long-term position is based far away from your home, and they need an answer quickly. Similarly, you could also fall in love and get married to someone who lives far away from you. In both instances, the sudden relocation means you need to sell your house quickly, with as little hassle as possible.


Thankfully, there’s an easy solution. We can buy the property from you in just a matter of days.